Full-Stack Developer

NFT Gaming
$90,000 - $105,000
**Front-end requirements:** - 5+ years of experience in frontend application development - Expert knowledge of JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, ReactJS - Expert knowledge of RestAPI, WebSockets and other ways of BE communication **Back-end requirements:** - 5+ years of experience with Java 8+ and Spring Boot framework - Demonstrable experience with REST APIs and microservices - Demonstrable experience with developing and maintaining heavy loaded production grade environments - Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases as well as right usage scenarios, pros and cons - Experience with message brokers or streaming platforms as well as event driven architecture - Hands on knowledge of Docker container - Understanding the concept of CI/CD pipelines and various git related flows (e.g. git flow) - Understanding the concept of transactions and data consistency with demonstrable skills that allows to build such architecture - Hands on experience with writing automatic unit and integration tests in Spring environment ** It's great to have:** - Cryptocurrency experience - Experience with MongoDB, Kafka, PostgreSQL - Working experience with TDD and DDD - Knowledge of OAuth and OpenID Connect protocols - DevOps related skills - Previous experience in working with the remote teams
Stepin Agency