$110,000 - $130,000
We are seeking a dynamic and experienced Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to join our clients P2P Trading project. You will play a crucial role in pushing the project ahead by leading the technical team and overseeing the development process. **Responsibilities:** - Technical Leadership: Lead the development team in building robust and scalable solutions using Node.js, TypeScript, and NestJS for the backend, and cutting-edge technologies like Create React App (CRA) and Web3 for the frontend. - Infrastructure Management: Oversee the implementation of a reliable and efficient infrastructure using Kubernetes (K8s), Nginx (Kong), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services, ensuring seamless deployment and scalability. - Database Expertise: Manage the data store utilizing PostgreSQL 14, ensuring data integrity, security, and optimal performance. - Blockchain Integration: Utilize your expertise in smart contracts and Solidity to integrate secure and transparent transactions into the platform. - Frontend Development: Supervise the development of the user interface using CRA, Web3, and AWS services, ensuring an engaging and responsive experience for our users. **Qualifications:** - Proven experience in leading technical teams and driving the development using the technologies mentioned above. - Strong expertise in infrastructure management with Kubernetes (K8s), Nginx (Kong), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). - Solid understanding of database management, particularly with PostgreSQL 14, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval. - Hands-on experience with blockchain technology, including smart contracts and Solidity, for seamless integration into the trading platform. - Excellent problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and ability to make decisions in high-pressure situations. _This is a fully remote opportunity._
Stepin Agency